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Frauscher Axle counter; Installation; Maintenance; Commissioning & Diagnostics

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This course provides an overview of the FAdC components and architectures: with a focus on installation: Maintenance & Diagnostics of the indoor and outdoor equipment`s. Participants will also be given practical diagnostic scenarios and fault finding to put their knowledge into practice. The course is aimed at those who will be carrying out the installation: maintenance & diagnostics of the FAdC system (SMTH).

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Frauscher UK

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Frauscher UK

Frauscher UK

Frauscher offers customised solutions for international railway markets and has become a synonym for innovative axle counters and wheel sensors around the globe. Input and feedback from railway operators and system integrators worldwide constitute the basis for on-going new and further developments. The outcome are products and systems that are based on the requirements of our customers. Combined with our ability to use digitalisation and state-of-the-art processes to their full potential, this approach strengthens our position as technology leader – day after day. 

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