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Radar technology – more than Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

28 Mar 2023

About the event

Airports and security-critical applications use radar for good reasons. Unlike cameras and fences; which may fail or be overcome; radar works in all weather and light conditions; requires minimal infrastructure and is highly effective; even at 3 km. Radar applications go beyond just PIDS. Learn how operations and security applications are using radar.

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Navtech Radar

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Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar is a world-leading innovator, award-winning designer and manufacturer of commercially deployed radar solutions. Our ground-breaking technology is utilised by clients across industry sectors, including Security Surveillance, Industrial Automation and Traffic Safety. Navtech has harnessed the power of the latest radar technology for commercial applications, offering cost-effective solutions of the highest quality.