CPD - Football Analysis courses

CPD - Football Analysis courses

05 Nov 2022

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Football analytics is a relatively new but rapidly evolving way to analyze and shape what is arguably the world’s most widespread and popular sport. An estimated 5 billion people globally will tune in to watch the World Cup 2022 and so being trained and able to properly analyze what is being seen on screen can be equally essential both as a fan and as a career. This CPD article will take you through some of the basics of becoming a football analyst, such as what a football analyst is and the football analysis courses available.

What is a Football Analyst?

Football analysis can be defined as a process used to examine the actions of players performed during a match. This may concern the overall team or a single athlete. Data is then collected post match and selected by an analyst to categorize events occurring in the different phases of the match. Analysis is usually undertaken to optimize performance, support the coaching process, improve player performance and help deliver tactical insights.

How do you become a Football Analyst?

There are several avenues into a career when looking at how to become a football analyst, some require more time and investment and others can be done in your own time and to your own pace. Here is a rundown of some of the key things to know that will boost your chance at success.

  • Create a CV and portfolio
  • Gain practical experience
  • Start watching Football matches analytically
  • Interact with the Football social media community online
  • Learn from observing or hands on experience from experienced analysts
  • Get a Bachelors Degree. The exact field of study varies depending on the position you are pursuing. For example, sports analysts that aspire to become broadcasters might want to pursue degrees in broadcasting, communications, journalism or a similar field. For those who prefer the statistical side of sports analysis, a degree in mathematics or statistics would be beneficial.

What are the applications of Football Analysis?

One key application for someone who has been educated in football data analysis could be to gather a players data on their speed, distance, acceleration, and location on the field per time. The data is then collected in easily readable charts. These reports are later used to determine the players' performance by set metrics. To understand a player's individual performance, the team's overall performance and an upcoming opponents' strengths and weaknesses, a data analyst works closely with coaches, medical staff and recruiters.

The role of data and analytics within football has grown demonstrably in recent years. Smaller clubs have been able to punch above their weight and rise in the rankings thanks to progressive data-driven recruitment and cutting edge performance strategies. Meanwhile, metrics has become a key part of mainstream football parlance, regularly used on flagship shows like Match of the Day. Even ten years ago, the data used by clubs was pretty basic, limited mainly to stats on goals, shots, number of shots, possession etc.; now, teams benefit from a far wider, more detailed, and more useful pool of data to make future decisions and for fans to understand the inner workings of football as an industry.

Where to find CPD Football Analysis courses?

The CPD Certification Service recognizes the increasing interest in football tactical analysis and hosts numerous football analytics courses on behalf of our members. Our CPD Courses Catalogue has thousands of training courses, conferences and events, workshops and seminars available from a variety of CPD providers. All the courses shown on our website have been reviewed and recognised as meeting the required industry standards and benchmarks.

How to become a CPD accredited training provider

We hope this article on CPD Football analysis courses was helpful. If you are considering becoming a CPD training provider, please contact our team to discuss in more detail. Alternatively, if you are looking to record your Continuing Professional Development, please go the free myCPD Portal where you can manage, track and log your learning in one simple place.

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