GIRA Education - CPD Member Case Study

GIRA Education - CPD Member Case Study

27 Nov 2023

GIRA Education

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We have been asking our members from across the industries the reasons why they became a CPD provider. This CPD Member case study was provided by GIRA (Global Institute of Regulatory Accreditation) Education. For more information, please visit their CPD Member Directory page.

Please provide us with a brief overview of your organisation. What do you do?

GIRA Education is a premier provider of professional development courses accredited by The CPD Certification Service, ensuring that our qualifications are recognised for Continuing Professional Development. We empower professionals to either embark on or progress in their careers through comprehensive learning that enriches their existing expertise. Our curriculum is crafted by industry experts, equipping our graduates with recognised credentials that have facilitated their employment in leading corporations and institutions.

Why did you become a CPD provider?

GIRA Education became a CPD provider to officially endorse the quality and rigour of our courses, ensuring they meet the high standards required for Continuing Professional Development. This accreditation enables our learners to gain recognised qualifications that support career progression and demonstrate their commitment to excellence and up to date expertise in their respective fields.

How did you implement CPD accreditation in your organisation?

We implemented CPD accreditation by rigorously aligning our course frameworks with CPD's stringent criteria, ensuring each module provides practical knowledge and contributes to professional growth. Our team worked closely with The CPD Certification Service to evaluate our content, delivery methods, and assessment procedures. Once in compliance, we initiated regular audits to maintain and enhance the educational standards, thus upholding the integrity of our CPD-accredited status.

How has CPD helped your organisation achieve its learning objectives?

CPD accreditation has been instrumental in helping GIRA Education achieve its learning objectives by establishing a structured and formal approach to course development. The process has ensured that our educational offerings are not only informative but also practically applicable in the professional sphere. It has enhanced the credibility of our courses, encouraging more professionals to engage with our content, confident in the knowledge that they are investing in recognised and quality assured education that will be valued by employers and contribute to their career progression. This ongoing support and framework have also kept our curriculum relevant and up to date, facilitating continuous improvement and adherence to industry standards.

We hope this brief CPD Member Case Study was both interesting and helpful. Please go to the GIRA Education CPD Member profile page for more on their available CPD. Alternatively, please visit the CPD Industry Hubs to find courses, events and articles relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

CPD accreditation for training and events

Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the world's leading and largest Continuing Professional Development accreditation organisation working across all sectors. If you are a training provider or educational events organisers, your learning activities may be suitable for CPD accreditation. Please visit our become a CPD provider page or contact our team to discuss your training and events in more detail.

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GIRA Education

GIRA Education

For more information from GIRA Education, please visit their CPD Member Directory page. Alternatively please visit the CPD Industry Hubs for more CPD articles, courses and events relevant to your Continuing Professional Development requirements.

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