Importance of CPD training for PR Professionals

Importance of CPD training for PR Professionals

06 Jun 2024

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PR is a broad industry and an essential factor in how organisations and individuals promote themselves and engage with the public effectively. PR professionals must utilise a dynamic skillset to provide a valuable service to both employers and clients. In this article, we will outline why CPD is important for PR practitioners, including how it can provide value to businesses and where to find relevant Continuing Professional Development (CPD) PR training.

What is PR?

PR stands for public relations and typically refers to the process of managing consumer or public perception of an organisation or individual. Public relations is important as a practice for communicating the desired messaging of a brand, and disseminating information in a manner that is conducive to how the brand is intended to be received by its audience.

The field of PR is dynamic and spans across many industries. To be effective as a PR practitioner, individuals must develop key professional assets that contribute value to their role, including developing core transferable skills and building an expanded professional network. These can be utilised through a commitment to CPD learning and training, which can help PR professionals expand their base of knowledge and refine skills to advance their career.

Why is CPD important for PR professionals?

Due to the expansive and developing nature of the industry, PR professionals should display a dedication to ongoing learning and personal growth. At its core, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about the commitment to lifelong learning and can therefore provide PR practitioners with a variety of benefits that we have outlined below:

Staying up to date with trends and technologies

New trends and technologies are always evolving in the field of PR. Engaging with CPD can help professionals ensure they are providing the most meaningful and an effective service. The field of PR can be highly competitive, and staying up to date with trends and technologies is an important aspect of maintaining professional value. Similarly, missing out on current trends, or not developing the necessary skills to utilise new technology has the potential to have a negative impact on a PR practitioner’s career.

Developing and refining PR strategies

Understanding the essence of a brand and communicating this effectively to the public is the primary role for many PR professionals. CPD training can help individuals to develop a deeper understanding of branding, messaging, tone, and other key aspects needed in the communications process. Becoming proficient in these areas will enable PR professionals to develop successful strategies that achieve the desired outcomes and increase trust and connection with an audience.

Expanding professional network

Professionals who have a developed network in their respective industry will often provide a more dynamic PR service to the organisations and the brands they represent. CPD events can be an effective way for PR professionals to expand their network and meet new contacts. CPD events span across industries and topics, so PR professionals can focus on events which will develop their network most effectively.

Increasing employability

Participating in CPD can help PR professionals increase their employability by improving overall proficiency. The skills developed through CPD participation may lead to more professional responsibility, increased salary, and better future job prospects.

Through active CPD, PR professionals are also able to increase their specialisation in a topic and develop skills that focus on a specific brand or industry. By developing relevant capabilities and knowledge, CPD can potentially help PR professionals access new industries and discover opportunities that might otherwise have not been available.

Demonstrating an ability to learn

Ongoing learning is at the core of maintaining effective PR. Engaging with CPD is a demonstration of the commitment to learning and improve a PR service. PR professionals can engage with various CPD courses, events, seminars and workshops to supplement their knowledge and develop their skills as a practitioner.

Actively learning and becoming a proficient researcher is a crucial aspect of effective PR, as many roles will require new knowledge, contacts or skills to operate successfully. Specific examples of this may be researching new publications for a project, or framing specific communication for an organisation in a way that resonates with the current market.

Adhering to industry standards

Industry standards are important in the field of PR as best practices and regulations can vary across different industries and international regions. To offer a valuable PR service, it is important for professionals make sure they adhere to industry standards, and that their practice is meeting any regulatory requirements. Engaging with accredited CPD training is a reliable way to keep knowledge up to date, leading to a more comprehensive understanding and ensuring adherence to industry standards where PR services are provided.

The main industry body for PR professionals in UK is the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). CIPR helps to ensure high standards in the field by encouraging individuals to participate in regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CIPR requires its members to complete CPD in various areas to become an accredited PR practitioner.

PR fundamental to organisation’s brand

How can PR CPD training help an organisation?

Effective PR is fundamental to an organisation’s brand and public image. Organisations that encourage CPD training in PR for their employees may find it easier to develop and manage the public perception of their brand. Employees proficient in PR can help curate a more refined PR strategy, better positioning the organisation to stand out from competitors. Creating a culture of continuous learning through CPD is likely to enhance audience engagement and ultimately improve overall growth and success.

Public relations CPD benefits not only designated PR professionals but also management and general employees as it can improve strategy and contribute to growth. Employees can enhance their awareness when communicating the brand and learn to use the correct tone when representing the organisation. Additionally, employees may become more motivated to contribute ideas as they develop PR knowledge and gain confidence in their ability to communicate professionally.

By encouraging employees and departments to engage with CPD, organisations enable their teams to develop strong PR skills. Focusing on the development of public relations skills can help marketing and sales executives and managers improve their communication with potential clients and consumers, as well as contribute high-value ideas to the organisation’s strategy. This can position a brand favourably and increase awareness among its target audience.

Where can I find CPD training for PR professionals?

Within the CPD Courses Catalogue, there are a range of courses for PR professionals, as well as other beneficial CPD learning including educational events, eLearning programs, conferences, workshops and seminars – all of which have been formally CPD certified.

Here you will find training opportunities across various industry sectors and learning formats, beneficial for fulfilling both personal and professional goals related to public relations. To find out more about a particular CPD course listed on our website, complete an enquiry form and the details will be sent directly to the relevant CPD provider.

How to become an accredited CPD Provider

Established in 1996, The CPD Certification Service is the world’s leading and largest CPD accreditation organisation working across all industry sectors. If you are looking to provide training courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, eLearning or educational events that may be suitable for Continuing Professional Development, please visit the Become a CPD Provider page or contact our team to discuss in more detail.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a free online CPD record tool to help manage, track and log your ongoing Continuing Professional Development, as well as store your personal training record and CPD attendance certificates in one simple place, please visit the myCPD Portal page.

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