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eEMP – Early Essential Movement Patterns

Online Course SAQ Speed Agility Quickness

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This is an interactive online course suitable for all Early Years Practitioners and Primary Schools Teachers. Learn how to develop the essential movement patterns that all children should experience to develop their brains: thus creating the foundation for all learning. Ideal for all Early Years settings: primary schools: community groups and especially young parents. Learn to engage the child in a range of fun: playful and creative floor based activities. This knowledge is based on recent discoveries in neuro-science. Creating new neurological connections in the brain gives the child secure foundations for all movement and learning. It gives many children a chance to ‘catch up’ with their peers physically: emotionally and cognitively and fulfil their potential

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SAQ Speed Agility Quickness

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SAQ Speed Agility Quickness

SAQ Speed Agility Quickness

SAQ® Training has provided thousands of SAQ® Trainers with the ultimate tools to successfully implement effective, sustainable movement and conditioning programmes over short, mid and long term periods, resulting in maximum impact at real value for money. Success has been achieved with population groups as diverse as Premiership Footballers, Young Offenders, Secondary and Primary Schoolchildren, International Sports Performers from a host of different disciplines and Special Needs Performers. From International Level coaches to Teaching Assistants and Parents, practitioners have accessed theoretical and practical solutions that have seen improvements in all-round performance, increases in fitness levels, reduction in obesity, changes in challenging behaviour and positive developments in all learning.

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